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We Are Here For A Good & Fun Time!


Well one thing is for sure...we LOVE to party! We love sharing in good times, making memories, and creating moments. That is what inspires us and we thought, "What is something that makes people instantly happy when they see it?" "BALLOONS!" And that's how all this started. So we are here to bring you happiness...inflated. ;)

Our team is stacked with people who are creative, hardworking, innovative and love to have fun. Without them and the vital skills they bring to the table, we wouldn't be able to do what we do. Every creation we make or install is done with dedication, attention to detail and happiness!


We are here to inflate your event to the next level. We love working with different people whether it's creating unique installations, transforming event spaces or celebrating an important life milestone. In fact, we are always up for a challenge and put our best foot forward when it comes to working with you. 

Want to see what we can do? Check us out on Instagram @inflated_happiness.

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